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 English Vitamin-海外留学プレップ​

What Our New Teacher Robert Says about the students and teachers at English Vitamin.
The students and teachers at English Vitamin are truly exceptional. I taught English at Keio Academy of New York for seven years. While there were many talented students there, their English ability, compared to that of the average English Vitamin student is... incomparable. Elementary third grade Japanese students are reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the Wizard of Oz. Many American students at that age do not have that level of comprehension, let alone many Keio New York high school students.
As a former American literature and writing teacher, I am beyond impressed. Ruriko Yamaki and her English Vitamin method are truly extraordinary. The kids who graduate from her program do not need to attend international schools. They are fluent without them. I truly cannot express the level of expertise and language teaching ability that English Vitamin provides. The teachers and students there shine brighter than any other I have known, as an educator of Keio, Waseda, and Sophia university students. The fact that they are typically 5 to 10 years younger than my average student just makes them all the more impressive.

Robert Devenuti
January 2021
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